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Falling on the sword

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/first-read/dems-clean-house-leaving-gop-grapple-harassment-issue-n827321 I can’t help but think that this business with Sen. Al Franken hasn’t been designed as a form of kabuki theatre with the intent of showing how the Democratic party is more interested in social justice than political power. These accusations would have been considered simple hijinks at an earlier time, but since we have Republican individuals in about…

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Had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that through some weird coincindence that I was made the the President of the USA.

Manhunter – First Impressions

I just finished the first three episodes of the new David Fincher series on Netflix. It stars Johnathan Groff as Holden Ford, the FBI agent who, along with his partner Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), revolutionized the field of criminology by delving into the minds of the psychopaths to gain insights into motivations of budding and developing serial killers resulting in…

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That feeling you get when it’s Thursday afternoon…

Ever wonder what life is all about? I don’t. No, psyche. I’m always wondering.

20170907 – Topics

I need to begin focusing my blog entries on a selection of topics, a narrow selection. It’s nice that I have such a wide variety of interests, but it’s a bit of a burden. So, for the purposes of this blog, though I may actually retain my wide array of interests, I think I’ll commit myself seriously to a few.…

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Home Again

This should come as no secret. I pick the kids up from school and then I head home to finish up my work day at home. It’s one of the nicer things about working in a field where I can telecommute. However, since people think I’m home, that I can simply do home stuff for them. I can’t just do…

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20170905 – Five Minutes To Write

I swear, I’m going to write something down as often as possible, even if it kills me. Well, hopefully it wont come to that. But I wonder what my relentless pursuit of writing would look like if I did it constantly. Two more minutes, then I’ll have to stop and get ready to pick up my kids. These are goign…

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New Beautiful Editor

My WordPress app just informed me that the editor interface is new and beautiful. I don’t know, guys. What do you think?


Carry on my wayward son!

Camping in MO

Trying to get the campfire going. We must have s’mores!

St. Louis!

​​Just crossed the mighty Mississippi River! Crossing The Mighty Mississippi ​

Headed To Indy

Linked up with Joe and his “friend” in Greenfield. Hugged and “Hi”ed mom, sis and her brats.  Next stop Terre Haute, maybe. Either way, we’re stopping outside of Independence, MO.

Personal Log – 20170526

8:31 I have a series of personal logs that I have initially set and will remain published privately. From today on, I will make all log entries public. There are reasons why I would want to keep certain posts private. For the most part, it doesn’t make sense to keep these things private overall mainly because of the medium I’m using.…

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