It’s a little cold today. It’s cold in the house. My house was built a long time ago in a galaxy not anywhere close to far away. In fact, the galaxy is right here, the Milky Way galaxy.

In any case, I do believe this house was built in the late 19th – early 20th Century. It’s drafty. I don’t think it was built with modern conveniences, such as electricity and forced air heating, in mind. The retrofitted ductwork from the furnace to the living room is painfully obvious. Here’s something odd about my house’s heating system I’ve never really addressed. Four rooms that hear most efficiently are the kitchen, the upstairs bathroom, the boy’s room and, to some extent, the girl’s room. In the winter, when the furnace is running, they stay warm. Not a whole lot of need for space heaters there. They have them anyway because back in the fall, I didn’t have the gas until maybe some time in November.

Those rooms are fed hot air primarily via ducts that are inside the walls. The downstairs bathroom, the dining room, the living room, and the master bedroom doesn’t get heated as efficiently as it should.

(2 hours later…)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Heating ducts. Why was I talking about this? I guess it’s primarily to get my thinking straight about how I want to start weatherproofing the house. See, the south end of the house, which is the oldest and, as far as I can tell, intact section of the house, needs some reworking. It needs updated electrics, which are so retrofitted that the breaker box doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’ll need to take another swing at figuring out where each breaker serves.

The house is drafty, but this is apparently by design.

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