20170907 – Topics

I need to begin focusing my blog entries on a selection of topics, a narrow selection. It’s nice that I have such a wide variety of interests, but it’s a bit of a burden. So, for the purposes of this blog, though I may actually retain my wide array of interests, I think I’ll commit myself seriously to a few.

The topics I always thought of myself as being prolific on was was movies and television. I watch a lot of it. I have a lot of knowledge of the whos the whats and the whens. It’s a veritable encyclopedia in my brain when it comes to movies. I spent a large amount of my free time when I was in my early 20s watching and reading about movies. I pretty much carried that into my late 20s on into my 30s. It began to slow down after I met my wife. I mean it started to slow down after I joined the Army, but that was mostly due to the fact that the Army didn’t leave me the spare time I desired to watch and rewatch everything that came across my path.

However, writing about movies, TV, and media deliberately does not appear to be my thing. I know I can ramble on about these things with a fair amount of intelligence, however, once I attempt to deliberately write about a movie, it gets laborious.

I know good writing requires a lot of work and planning, well as plenty of rewriting, I find that I just don’t have the patience to sit down and analyze movies the way I should. I’m just a fan and not that good of an academic.

So, writing about those things is no longer a topic I want to tackle. Besides, there are plenty of content creators out there talking about those things in ways I’ve always wanted to. Kudos to them.

Now, next issue. What do I want to do? One other thing I have to admit regarding writing about or analyzing movies is that it’s not very practical. It’s not very useful. It’s stimulating, intellectually speaking, but it just doesn’t seem to be worth a lot, particularly in a landscape becoming oversaturated with cinema analysis videos, blog, twitter feeds, and so on. In order to make a dent and get a toe hold in that field would require a lot of work and some good luck. Both of those are things for which I don;t have much patience.

I want to begin creating content for things that I have an interest in and that matter to the people around me.

One thing I’ve noticed around here is that there’s a fair concentration of woodworking, electrician, home hardware, and interior decoration businesses around here. They’re small but these things matter around here.

I’ve said to myself and my wife on many occasions that even though my chosen profession is fairly high in demand, it isn’t entirely sustainable. Once the grid goes down, what do I have to offer the ravaging hordes to stay alive? “Wait! I can build a website!” That won’t be worth a lot then. No. I will need a set of skills that can serve people well. I need to know how to build and maintain homes. I need to know carpentry and woodworking. Farming on a small scale would be good to know as well. Food will be the only valuable thing. I need to get back to knowing the basics of living. All this technology is fantastic, but if energy becomes a problem, we’re going to have to turn to the earth. If we have forgotten how to read the earth and the potential bounty, then we’re fucked.

I will start my journey. More details as I move along.

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