Rambling Nonsense

A Little Pre-Bed Typing

I think I’ll move on from titling my posts with the date. That data is saved the moment I publish, so to put that in the title would be redundant.

Tonight’s title is a little generic. I worry I might use this one more than once, or even consecutively.

Now, enough about titles. I need to talk a little bit about changes. There are some major changes going on in my and my wife’s professional lives. I need to update my LinkedIn profile, if you know what I mean, and my wife’s employers switched from a crap software system to a brand fucking new garbage series of one’s and zeroes.

I’ll tell more about it in the coming days.

Back to titles. Should use stuff like the day of the week and at the end of the day, add in a subtitle that fits in with the day’s events.

I really need to begin writing for at least one half hour (30 minutes for you stupid mother fuckers) three times a day, at least. I don’t know what I have to write, but I know I got ta.

I need to write a half hour in the morning, half hour at lunch, and a half hour before I go to sleep. I need goals, activities, routines that are designed to help with my creativity. My creativity is my lifeblood. I need to do a better job of committing to the cause.

I don’t know if this is enough for now, but this will have to do.

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