Disconnecting does not mean that I’m unplugging. I’m just disconnecting my blog from any of my social media.

Why? Simply because I really don’t have and, for the time being, don’t want to have any content worth promoting. I simply desire a place to cram my random thoughts and if people stumble upon my website and find thoughts or entries worth sharing, they can do that without any help from me.

I don’t have a themeĀ or an idea that I find worth promoting. This isn’t a blog dedicated to anything else but myself and the shit I want to write about.

There is one thing I would like to put out there. It’s my Millennium Man story. But I want it to be a part of the overall website and not necessarily a website dedicated to Millennium Man.

Millennium Man ultimately will be a gem in this shitpile of ideas. I must create a custom template to make sure it gets presented the way I like it.

Not too long ago, I had been trusting the cloud to maintain my notes and thoughts regarding all things Millennium Man. That failed on me and now I’m wrestling with tech support from all around the world to get my data back. Hopefully, I will get it back.

From now on, however, I shall no longer place so much of my faith in anything but what I have positive control over, which is this website.

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