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Falling on the sword

I can’t help but think that this business with Sen. Al Franken hasn’t been designed as a form of kabuki theatre with the intent of showing how the Democratic party is more interested in social justice than political power.

These accusations would have been considered simple hijinks at an earlier time, but since we have Republican individuals in about to come into high places in government, a show of high moral rectitude must be on display.

Sen. Franken has been a fairly well-liked public servant since he’s been elected to his position. Just this year, he’s been at the front of pointing out the lies that have plagued the current administration by catching AG Sessions in a lie during his confirmation hearings. Franken seemed a golden boy for higher things until recently.

In some respects, his misbehavior seems frivolous when compared to the accusations levied against Republican defendants such Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Yet, the Democratic Party, in an effort to distinguish itself from the moral failings of the Republican Party, wants to show, ahead of the 2018 Mid-Term elections that they are the better party by not capitulating or equivocating on the issue of sexual harassment or misconduct, not even so much as allowing the due process of an ethics investigation, which he Franken requested personally. Senator Franken is that sacrificial lamb for the Democratic Party.

I wonder how this will play out.

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