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Good Night, Cincinnati!

Not sure of what else to say here.

I did happen to finish the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix with my wife and followed that up with the latest episode of Adam Ruins Everything. I highly recommend both. Starting to appreciate the DVR, even though it comes at a price.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show with a stupid premise combined with a ludicrous approach. It’s a story of a lawyer in a powerful firm in New York and her impulse to relocate to West Covina, California (that’s a few miles west of San Dimas, for you Bill & Ted fans) because that’s where her ex-boyfriend now lives. Every episode has a few musical numbers thrown in to keep it geeky. Here’s a review of the songs in the show.

I frequently wondered if the premise would wear thin and how many reversals would need to happen in order for the show’s name to stay relevant. It turns out, a lot, but it builds up a healthy set of support characters to keep it lively.   Yeah, I enjoyed it and all the cast showed that they loved what they were doing. It’s a damned good time.

Well, that’s all for the evening. My day starts early. Good night, Cincinnati.

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