Home Again

This should come as no secret. I pick the kids up from school and then I head home to finish up my work day at home. It’s one of the nicer things about working in a field where I can telecommute. However, since people think I’m home, that I can simply do home stuff for them. I can’t just do that. I’m working, whether I’m home or not.

My work on MM has stalled. I’ve been developing some rather good ideas for the character, but I’m afraid that I don’t have a great way to start the show, or I seem to vascillate between two types of beginnings. On the one side, a good rule of drama is, start at the last possible moment, which, in classical terms, in media res. But, is the point I want to start my story really the point of no return? My lead has quite a bit of back story that brings her to this point, and there is a lot more stroy to tell.

I’ve kinda wanted to make it an action suspense story, but the way I’m developing it, it really doesn’t have action set pieces as the point. I mean, the desperation to “get out of Dodge” would be all psychological. I mean the villain has to place the idea in my main character’s head that she has to make the leap on her own. I think I know how I want to go about it now.

Bus station, not train. The lead needs to talk to the villain. So she’ll act like she’s talking on the phone. OK. Done here for now.

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