Constantine Sikander

Mysterious owner of Medallion Enterprises and Roger’s nemesis/hunter/brother.

Constantine Sikander is Roger’s older brother and the only person able to keep Roger’s grand ambitions for glory and power in check.

Roger, for the past few decades, has suspected that someone or something has been just around a corner or in the shadows, just out of reach, barely perceivable, menacing, about to pounce.

The shadow is Constantine.

For the last few centuries, Constantine searched for his brother, picking up traces here and there. Convinced, certain, but always three steps behind. He’d arrive at a location that showed evidence of his brother, but the trail had gotten cold by then.

By the Age of Enlightenment, Constantine began to notice that human civilization was becoming more and more industrial. Determined to accelerate his efforts at sussing out his brother, he decided to amass political and financial power unseen in the history of mankind. Perhaps he could bring that kind of power and the resources that come with it to help him in his pursuit. But, he’d have to be very quiet and very careful about it. Otherwise, he might tip his hand in this centuries long game of cat and mouse.

Long before, or more accurately, after any of this ever happened Roger was almost the most ambitious, dominant, evil despot the known universe had birthed. He practically had all the colonial planets in his grasp, ready to submit to his rule.

Fortunately for humanity, the only man who could stop him and found that he must stop Roger, was the man that loved Roger the most and feared him the least, his brother Constantine.

He raised an insurgency that ended up countering and ultimately crushing his brother’s bid for power.

No one knows how he managed to bring his brother in to justice. He was instantly lionized a hero, but there were a quiet few who suspected a conspiracy between the brothers.

But now, Constantine has amassed enough power as a media mogul that he can tailor his message to exploit the clues left by his brother to ultimately find him and bring him to justice, even if he must resort to some immoral practices.

Constantine does not realize that the people that Roger hold in his confidence are family. He’s responsible for deaths of a few of them.

Constantine knows that he needs assistants, but the kind of assistants he requires need to be rock solid in their loyalty and secrecy. Without them, his Earthen empire will fail as he spends a significant amount of time and money trotting the globe, looking for signs.

Yes, he’s broken many hearts in his time. Unlike Roger, his arrival was sanctioned, ordered by the council to bring his brother back to justice. As a result, he didn’t have to stow away a chunk of his brain in order to sever ties, he maintained regular, if well spaced out contact with the council, and he had orders to restrain his involvement with the local population. His presence must be sanitary. He has no progeny. Doesn’t mean he’s not fallen in love. He most certainly has, but the council always intervened before it went too far. Usually at the most I opportune moment.

With the knowledge that too much notice of his long life would spark widespread questions, Constantine would eventually develop an elaborate sequence of events designed to result in his death and produce a way for him to re-inherit his wealth after the dust would settle.

At each point, he’d have ensure his assistants loyalty and secrecy by providing them with unarguably substantial severance packages. Only one for each lifetime would prove that the most coveted position in Medallion was the assistant to the main man himself. If he was in fact a man.

The long timers and the lifers would begin to detect the pattern of how things happened at the top and would often speculate about the possibility that their boss was immortal.

In the 1930s a kid sitting in a drug store with a brightly colored magazine caught his eye. It was a comic book and it was new. The title was Millennium Man. The tag line was “The Thrilling Adventures of Roger Weaver Through Space &Time.” Constantine was almost certain that he’d found His fugitive brother. Now to bring him to justice.