The Penwicke Women

Keepers of truth and protectors of the faith, these are the individuals that know of the true relationship between Roger and the Penwickes. Sworn to secrecy, immediately after they marry into the family, Roger, the Mother of the groom, and any sisters available, bring them aside to counsel the new bride about her new and sacred charge.

The Penwicke women hold a centuries old tradition of ensuring that the family line will go on. It’s bordering on unnatural the lengths to which they will go to vet out any woman who comes in contact with the men of their blood line. They are heavily invested in its success and protection.

They know Roger’s true identity and their association with him. Only they know how far back the family line goes, where and through whom the tree meets with Roger. They are aware of the tragedy from which their line flourishes and in honor of that sacrifice and Roger, they give all they can, even sacrifice themselves on occasion. They have no greater loyalty than to Roger. Theirs is a quiet, secret, religion.

Whenever the eldest male, if ever is more than one, which is rare when you look at the Penwicke women’s chronicle, comes of age and begins to take interest in girls, the women immediately begin the vetting process. Near unlimited access to seemingly unlimited information is available to them, th anks to Roger’s and the family’s longevity. The mothers and grandmothers can see almost any woman coming for their boy, and within moments have their entire history under a microscope.

The male of the line is very important for the family’s success. The women understand this. They also understand the true wealth that the family line has maintained over the century. Therefore a tremendous charge is placed on new family members brought in from the outside.

The family hasn’t always been the Penwicke family. Every couple hundred years, in an effort to avoid attention and suspicion the wome change their name.

August 7, 2015

I wrote this page a while ago. I haven’t made much progress with the main story in a long time. This morning I feel I made a breakthrough. The reason I’ve been having a tough tie with getting an interesting plot going is that the Harold Pennwicke centered story is just too damned boring and conventional.

This story needs to be about Penny and her entry into the Pennwicke family.

She’s a girl who meets an interesting, complicated, sad young man. He’s one of those rare generous, considerate, sincere guys, when he’s sober. In fact they meet at a bar where she tends and he frequents.

The Penwicke family is a storied one in the town. Lots of suspicion of wealth and power and the women exercise both with absolute discretion.

Whenever a Penwicke boy comes of age, the town collectively groans because it has become a long known fact that Penwicke women will never let their men marry a local girl. Usually these outsiders seem to come from nowhere. Suddenly they’re plugged into the Penwicke Power Structure and zap, they’re beyond the average townie.

What’s wrong with a nice local girl? First, what the Penwicke women are looking for are suitable genes. Among the women are a long line of biologists that specialize in genetics. They have found some time ago that the town, as beautiful as it is, has a shallow gene pool. As a result, some of the women are tasked to find a suitable wife for the first born son.

Typically, a Penwicke family goes as such, once the son marries, the wife will bear two daughters and a son. The two daughters are born first. If not as twins, then one right after the other. Twins have been more common as of late for reasons I’ll describe later.

One of the sisters gets very close with the new bride and is charged with ensuring the success of all three children. She acts as the midwife and when the son is born, ties off the son’s wife’s Fallopian tubes.

Eight to nine years later, a son is born. If all goes well, he will be the only son. The boy is guarded closely, but not protected so that he would develop a false sense of security and entitlement.

The town in which the Penwickes live is riddled with loyal and discrete associates, which goes to ensure that the Penwicke boys are never unduly threatened. The difference between this town and the NSA? Nothing gets out, ever.

In any case, when the son goes off to college, they make sure that it’s nothing ostentatious and that it’s a medium level University. They don’t want him going off to Yale and joining a secret fraternity. That is too much risk.

The girls execute their mission by splitting responsibilities. One becomes a biologist with a focus on genetics. The other becomes a security expert. They even assume roles in the family business, a bio-medical services company. It provides them the facilities, funds, and time to answer the question of the perfect mate for their brother.

The sisters are not permitted to have kids, although there have been a few unplanned pregnancies, but with the availability of near unlimited funds, mouths have been shut and illegitimate heirs squirreled away, adopted by trusted couples.

The genes of the illegitimate children of the daughters become recessive. All progeny are monitored for traits exhibited by Roger.

With Harold, they could not find a single prospect.