The Penwicke Chronicles

This is a collection of stories centered around the line of women who have been dedicated over the centuries to preserving the direct descendants of the man who has walked the earth through the last untold millennia.

The man is currently known as Roger Weaver. No one knows his true name. Roger doesn’t even know his true name. He spent centuries looking for clues. So have the women that have become his line of support and his only connection to the human world he inhabits.

Many centuries back, when civilization was young, Roger Weaver, as he is known today, fell in love with a woman and fathered children with her. Her name was Eluri and she knew that this man that loved her and gave her children was unlike any man in the world. She began the tradition of maintaining what would become the long line of direct descendants to Roger Weaver from his very first seed.

The family line is meticulously cataloged in a centuries old book, that is known as the Chronicle. Each generation becomes intimately familiar with every detail of the Chronicle. Obviously, it didn’t start off as a book. It started off as writings in sun-baked clay, and as newer technologies became available, all previous works are transcribed into the new medium with exact precision, the originals are stored in a secret location, and the Chronicle is maintained from that point on in the new medium.

We enter the story of the Penwicke Chronicles at the near disastrous inclusion of a one Penelope Lawrence, later Penny Penwicke (of course she gets into the family, but not without a major hitch in the process, which this chapter of the Chronicles will show).