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New Boss In Town

I’ve been waiting until today to make the announcement, but it should be official by tonight!

The company I work for has been bought.

The Graphic Village, a local print and marketing conglomerate recently bought Multi-Craft. Fortunately it wasn’t anything like most purchases where the buyer lays off most of the staff. Everyone’s keeping their job.

I’m excited by this new thing. This looks like it’s going to be an opportunity to finally do some open field running, with respect to making websites. I’m going to be a part of a creative team. As nice as it was to work with Lisa, there was only so much work we could do to build web properties. There is no sales rep in the company that knows how to sell websites and hosting. They don’t know how ask the right questions that lead to websites.

The Graphic Village looks like they do. At least I see a potential there. And with their creative division, EMI Network, there’s a group of people I can bounce ideas off of.

I have a long gestating ambition to not only be a part of something important, but to take point and be a major guiding force behind it. This might be my chance to do that.

Multi-Craft, as good and as critical as it has been to my professional development, it didn’t have the capacity to challenge me properly and let me fulfill my ambitions. To do so meant taking the risk of expanding and increasing scale, which it was unwilling to.

Frankly, for the fast few months, I felt as though I were floundering. I felt I needed to force a change sometime soon. Fortunately, the change has come to me. I now work for a new company, and with that, I feel I must take this opportunity, hold fast, and bend it to my will.

Yeah. That sounds about right.

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