Food Incubators – Interesting

I half wondered if there were ever such a thing as a kitchen you can rent if you wanted to prep food to serve, such as in a cartering business, but didn’t have the financial resources to buy your own professional grade kitchen. Now I know.

Hey y’all. I recently found out that there’s a desktop app for WordPress. Now I don’t have to be on the Web to create posts. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

Good Night, Cincinnati!

Not sure of what else to say here. I did happen to finish the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix with my wife and followed that up with the latest episode of Adam Ruins Everything. I highly recommend both. Starting to appreciate the DVR, even though it comes at a price. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show with a stupid…

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Happy Sarurday

It’s the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Here’s a quick shot of the road to get you going:

One of these days…

I’m going to fix some of the layout issues of this site. Content’s coming around, but I just need to keep banging away at it.

Good Night Hump Day

Once again, it’s Wednesday. It’s been a little busy day today. Kids started school today. The boy started 2nd grade. The girl started 1st. It was a good start. Now I must follow up this good hump day with a good Thursday. Good night.

Good Night Humpday

Today was just another day. It was surprisingly busy, work-wise. Worked out some cost analysis for our dedicated web server. Fine tuned some things with the new company website. Conducted a huge chunk of traffic analysis for the quarter. It went fast.

To Blaaaaiiiiise

The week, once again, went by swiftly. I managed to get a lot done, with respect to work, but still didn’t manage to get everything I wanted to get done. Time marches on and now there’s just not enough time to even complain about it. Watched an interesting video on the philosopher and all-around rennaisance man, Blaise Pascal. It is…

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Thoughts On Form

I’ve always wanted to review movies. Well, maybe not always, but once I began to watch movies with the intensity of a boy who just discovered his dad’s porno stash, it later seemed natural that as I began to develop opinions on what makes a good movie and what doesn’t, I really wanted to create a place to put those…

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Personal Rules For This Site

I am a professional, at least I’m paid well to write code and design pages and sites. So, it’s not an unreasonable expectation that my own personal website should be professionally organized and laid out in a pleasing manner. This site should not be confusing and there should be a clear methodology for my content. One of the things I’ve…

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Took some time today to make a logo for my site. What do you think?

Grant L McDonald:The Website is Back

It’s been a while since I had a website under the domain It’s been maybe four years. I have a few blogs, but nothing seems quite as sweet as having a site under your own name. “Here’s my website.  It’s all about me!” Am I a company? Not really. I’m just a guy that is in the web…

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