Moving Dad

Headed To Indy

Linked up with Joe and his “friend” in Greenfield. Hugged and “Hi”ed mom, sis and her brats.  Next stop Terre Haute, maybe. Either way, we’re stopping outside of Independence, MO.

Moving Dad, Private Journal

Personal Log – 20170526

8:31 I have a series of personal logs that I have initially set and will remain published privately. From today on, I will make all log entries public. There are reasons why I would want to keep certain posts private. For the most part, it doesn’t make sense to keep these things private overall mainly because of the medium I’m using. The Internet, the World…

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News of Me

Food Incubators – Interesting

I half wondered if there were ever such a thing as a kitchen you can rent if you wanted to prep food to serve, such as in a cartering business, but didn’t have the financial resources to buy your own professional grade kitchen. Now I know.


SinCast – Episode 58 – Here’s to the Ones Who Dream: 2016 in Film

The SinCast crew finally puts a bow on 2016 by reviewing the best (and worst) of the year. From quietly huge Star Wars stories to lackluster blockbusters, all the way to an excellent last few months, the guys have you covered! To help them make sense of the last year in film, the guys are joined by movie critic extraordinaire and all around amazing…

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Hot Wheels Nightmare

Take a trip on a Hot Wheels car through a fantastical wonderland of lights, glow sticks, and fire. There’s no telling where the track will go next. Filmed with a Sony VG30H and a GoPro Hero Session 4 mounted on a Bull Whip car. Built with Hot Wheels track, unit blocks, Tinkertoys, lighter fluid, kerosene, lamp wicks, wire, rain gutters, plastic garden edging, LED…

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Rambling Nonsense

Some days I feel like Fezzik, trying to remember where I left Westley.

Rambling Nonsense, Uncategorized

I don’t know if I have a title for this. There’s actually going to be a lot of “I don’t know” statements coming out of my blog. I’ve been writing a lot of private entries, as of late, but it doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to do that at times, unless, I plan on releasing them later. Actually, private entries…

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News of Me

Hey y’all. I recently found out that there’s a desktop app for WordPress. Now I don’t have to be on the Web to create posts. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool.

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Good Night, Cincinnati!

Not sure of what else to say here. I did happen to finish the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix with my wife and followed that up with the latest episode of Adam Ruins Everything. I highly recommend both. Starting to appreciate the DVR, even though it comes at a price. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show with a stupid premise combined with a…

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Thought on Willy Wonka

A few days ago, the great comedic actor Gene Wilder died. One of his most popular roles is as Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory ( Yet, it’s not my favorite of his and I find the movie a little boring. It looks like it was done on the cheap… all that is for another post. I want to take a…

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News of Me

Happy Sarurday

It’s the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Here’s a quick shot of the road to get you going:

News of Me

One of these days…

I’m going to fix some of the layout issues of this site. Content’s coming around, but I just need to keep banging away at it.