Thoughts On Form

I’ve always wanted to review movies. Well, maybe not always, but once I began to watch movies with the intensity of a boy who just discovered his dad’s porno stash, it later seemed natural that as I began to develop opinions on what makes a good movie and what doesn’t, I really wanted to create a place to put those…

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Personal Rules For This Site

I am a professional, at least I’m paid well to write code and design pages and sites. So, it’s not an unreasonable expectation that my own personal website should be professionally organized and laid out in a pleasing manner. This site should not be confusing and there should be a clear methodology for my content. One of the things I’ve…

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Rules For Trailers

Never show footage from the second half of the movie. If you allow footage from the second half of the movie, people, especially frequent moviegoers, are clever enough to figure out the plot of the movie. You ruin the mystery. Do not use the trailer to provide a synopsis in brief.


On Rotten Tomatoes: On IMDB: I recently watched this movie, and I must admit, it was humorous, charming and very easy to watch. I shall post more about this later.

Heat Poster


I like the movie, Heat. Every time I have thoughts about this movie, you’ll find it here.

Took some time today to make a logo for my site. What do you think?

Grant L McDonald:The Website is Back

It’s been a while since I had a website under the domain It’s been maybe four years. I have a few blogs, but nothing seems quite as sweet as having a site under your own name. “Here’s my website.  It’s all about me!” Am I a company? Not really. I’m just a guy that is in the web…

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