Personal Log – 20170526


I have a series of personal logs that I have initially set and will remain published privately.

From today on, I will make all log entries┬ápublic. There are reasons why I would want to keep certain posts private. For the most part, it doesn’t make sense to keep these things private overall mainly because of the medium I’m using. The Internet, the World Wide Web is a public forum. I think the one thing that kept me from posting regularly is that I had set my posts to be automatically shared. I don’t think I like that idea. Not yet, anyway. Not until I can get my style and range of topics under control.

I can always thing of things to do with my blog. I may even get initially excited about it, but for some reason none of it continued to resonate with me. I would have no sustained motivation to follow through.

So, for the time being, I think I’ll simply write. Write and ramble.

I do have one topic I think I’ll write under. I’ll maintain a blog about my coming trip that will begin this afternoon. I think it’ll work. Let’s see how it pans out.



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