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Personal Rules For This Site

I am a professional, at least I’m paid well to write code and design pages and sites. So, it’s not an unreasonable expectation that my own personal website should be professionally organized and laid out in a pleasing manner. This site should not be confusing and there should be a clear methodology for my content.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do on a consistent basis is write about movies. I’ve written the odd scribble about this or that movie and published them on social media, but they’ve never been organized thoughts, nor have they been consolidated and placed in a context of other movie reviews. I want to build a compendium of well thought out ideas related to movies and, ultimately, media.

I feel that in order to keep this site organized and a delightful experience, I need to establish rules for how I use this site. Here goes nothing.

  1. All formal reviews will be maintained as pages and kept in a structure that reflects a logical approach to organization.
  2. Posts are for news and the various other types of updates, such as sudden thoughts on movies.

More rules to come as they come.

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