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Playing With Custom Fields

This morning's Blood Glucose Reading:

In WordPress, there are these things called custom fields that you can create in order to add extra data to your blog entries. You can add stuff like how you feel, a vacation countdown, your favorite color of the day and, if you have the knowledge and skill to do so, present it as text or make it a parameter value that affects the display of your entry in some way.

By default, the data in your custom fields don’t really do anything. Custom fields just keep extra data in your database. Some themes have their own custom fields that can have an effect somewhere in the post. This particular theme, as I’m writing this, and this might not be true in the future, has a lot of custom themes, or they are available as a result of certain plugins I’ve installed. In any case, I can choose not to use them and it affects nothing, or I can make them a part of my blog entry routine.

I’m creating my own custom¬†field (I keep typing “custome”). I’m going to make my blood glucose readings a part of my blog. As I create a large enough sample, I’m going to display it visually, like a graph or something. Maybe I’ll also incorporate weight and height and calculate body mass index. Do I really care to do so much?

Right now. My blood sugar is way too high. I must get my Metformin. That will probably be a medication I will be taking for life. More about my Type II diabetes later.

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