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This morning's Blood Glucose Reading:

Blogs are weird creatures in that one of their functions is to act as a diary, a public diary, which seems to be a contradiction in terms. I want to write about some intimate details about myself and the things that surround me, but then I wonder, should I really be doing that in this day and age? Is the stuff I write about going to be used against me in some form of information¬†gathering exercise? In any case, here’s what I have to say.

As you can see, I took my blood sugar a few minutes ago and the number is not good today. Looking back a few days, especially last night (I need to measure my glucose twice a day, three times, actually), my numbers have shown that I have not been caring for myself as I should be. I can feel it, too. When my blood sugar starts getting high and staying high, I start feeling bad generally when it comes to digestion. It’s like my stomach is pitching a fit because of what I ate. that’s usually too much sugar. I’ll admit, it has been too much of that.

I need to get my blood sugar, especially my fasting numbers down to about 120-130. I’m way too high, and I can feel it.

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