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I’ve always wanted to review movies. Well, maybe not always, but once I began to watch movies with the intensity of a boy who just discovered his dad’s porno stash, it later seemed natural that as I began to develop opinions on what makes a good movie and what doesn’t, I really wanted to create a place to put those thoughts. But I wanted the place to be mine and available to the public.

As I grew on in life, my interests in life shifted from movies and drama to the World Wide Web and computers. My interest in movies are still there, but I now no longer live my life that I’m going to change the world with my opinions on movies, nor will I ever develop that must-have app that will snag me an investor and get bought by Facebook or something.

I will just get the writing done and be unafraid to give my opinions in the way I feel they should be done.

Now that I have this site going, I want to stuff it with my ideas on movies, television, and all sorts of visual media. But before I start vomiting my thoughts all over the site, I feel I need to structure things a bit, at least for a while until I can get my voice rolling in a direction.

The following is going to be my general structure for reviews:

  • Headline
  • Paragraph 1: Introduction – why I’m reviewing it, circumstances of watching it.
  • Paragraph 2: Synopsis – Plot summary – identify characters
  • Paragraph 3: Various qualities, themes, pros & cons
  • Paragraph 4: How do I feel about this movie?
  • Paragraph 5: Top meta details such as cast and crew, MPAA rating
    • Top cast
    • Writer(s)
    • Director(s)
    • Producers
    • Studio

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