Good Night Humpday

Today was just another day. It was surprisingly busy, work-wise. Worked out some cost analysis for our dedicated web server. Fine tuned some things with the new company website. Conducted a huge chunk of traffic analysis for the quarter. It went fast.

My Patriotic Duty

It’s the 3rd of July.and I’m doing my patriotic duty by watching Independence Day.

Last week, I watched the much anticipated sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence. It was not as enjoyable as the first, to say the least.

Aside from its lack of… everything, the primary motivation of the alien race just seemed stupid, almost as stupid as MKS’s aliens in Signs, but that’s another story. It turns out that the primary goal of the aliens’ attack was to get at the molten iron core of our home planet.

Fair enough,they’re after something we most certainly can’t exist without. If you’ve been paying attention to the disaster movies in the interim, such as The Core, you already understand that the EM field generated by the rotation of our core protects us from the destructive radiation of the sun. Without it, our atmosphere gets stripped away and the sun murders everything on the surface of the Earth. That detail is touched on briefly in the movie, but almost in passing. The point is, we need our core.

For some reason, this alien race needs it, too. This movie presents the alien race as one that desperately desires the molten iron in our core to the point of angrily sending a second, bigger, mother ship with a bigger laser drill to get at the precious metal. Except, it’s not. It’s one of the most common metals in space and is easy to find if you’ve mastered intergalactic space travel. Surely if you have the tech to create wormholes in space to travel faster than light, then you can wander around the various nebulae, toss out an electromagnetic net and trawl your way to your fortune in iron. No need to engage in interplanetary piracy.

Now if the Earth had something stupendously rare and valuable, such as a lump of unobtanium large enough to to power five more global conquests, because, as it turns out, there’s a rapacious, mad interplanetary ┬ámarket for the elusive goo, then that might be interesting.

Alas, no. We are given a premise that turns out to less than pedestrian. It’s sophomoric, and disappointing.

Maybe the mothership and its goal should be seen as a metaphor for the studios and their attempt to drill our wallets for every last cent we have. And as it turns out, the metaphor is prophetic. With an estimated budget of $165 million, it has only grossed $73 million. The queen is getting shit kicked out her in the real world as well.

What do you think, fair readers? What are your thoughts on this movie,whether you’ve seen it or not?

To Blaaaaiiiiise

The week, once again, went by swiftly. I managed to get a lot done, with respect to work, but still didn’t manage to get everything I wanted to get done. Time marches on and now there’s just not enough time to even complain about it.

Watched an interesting video on the philosopher and all-around rennaisance man, Blaise Pascal. It is was about how his pessimism about life on earth could actually be life affirming.

Here, watch the video:

See? It’s as though knowing life will suck no matter what frees you up to just experience what’s in front of you, rather than endure the disappoint brought about through buying into prepackaged notions of success and happiness.

Thoughts On Form

I’ve always wanted to review movies. Well, maybe not always, but once I began to watch movies with the intensity of a boy who just discovered his dad’s porno stash, it later seemed natural that as I began to develop opinions on what makes a good movie and what doesn’t, I really wanted to create a place to put those thoughts. But I wanted the place to be mine and available to the public.

As I grew on in life, my interests in life shifted from movies and drama to the World Wide Web and computers. My interest in movies are still there, but I now no longer live my life that I’m going to change the world with my opinions on movies, nor will I ever develop that must-have app that will snag me an investor and get bought by Facebook or something.

I will just get the writing done and be unafraid to give my opinions in the way I feel they should be done.

Now that I have this site going, I want to stuff it with my ideas on movies, television, and all sorts of visual media. But before I start vomiting my thoughts all over the site, I feel I need to structure things a bit, at least for a while until I can get my voice rolling in a direction.

The following is going to be my general structure for reviews:

  • Headline
  • Paragraph 1: Introduction – why I’m reviewing it, circumstances of watching it.
  • Paragraph 2: Synopsis – Plot summary – identify characters
  • Paragraph 3: Various qualities, themes, pros & cons
  • Paragraph 4: How do I feel about this movie?
  • Paragraph 5: Top meta details such as cast and crew, MPAA rating
    • Top cast
    • Writer(s)
    • Director(s)
    • Producers
    • Studio

Personal Rules For This Site

I am a professional, at least I’m paid well to write code and design pages and sites. So, it’s not an unreasonable expectation that my own personal website should be professionally organized and laid out in a pleasing manner. This site should not be confusing and there should be a clear methodology for my content.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do on a consistent basis is write about movies. I’ve written the odd scribble about this or that movie and published them on social media, but they’ve never been organized thoughts, nor have they been consolidated and placed in a context of other movie reviews. I want to build a compendium of well thought out ideas related to movies and, ultimately, media.

I feel that in order to keep this site organized and a delightful experience, I need to establish rules for how I use this site. Here goes nothing.

  1. All formal reviews will be maintained as pages and kept in a structure that reflects a logical approach to organization.
  2. Posts are for news and the various other types of updates, such as sudden thoughts on movies.

More rules to come as they come.

Rules For Trailers

  1. Never show footage from the second half of the movie.
    • If you allow footage from the second half of the movie, people, especially frequent moviegoers, are clever enough to figure out the plot of the movie. You ruin the mystery.
  2. Do not use the trailer to provide a synopsis in brief.


Heat Poster

I like the movie, Heat. Every time I have thoughts about this movie, you’ll find it here.

Took some time today to make a logo for my site. What do you think?

Grant L McDonald:The Website is Back

It’s been a while since I had a website under the domain It’s been maybe four years. I have a few blogs, but nothing seems quite as sweet as having a site under your own name. “Here’s my website.  It’s all about me!”

Am I a company? Not really. I’m just a guy that is in the web development field who’s felt self conscious about not maintaining my own website.

If you look at my site at the time posting, there’s very little to see. Trust me, this is a living document. Things will change.

Well, that’ll be it for now.